Dinner tonight



I love the internet!

OK – so, Jarrod took out beef strips for dinner tonight and a bag of steam-fresh rice w/ veggies. And I made some steam-fresh sugar snap peas for Maddie’s lunch today, so he figured we’d throw the rest of those in with it. But I say “NAH” to that! I jumped on Chrome and typed “beef strips sugar snap peas” and got a recipe for Glazed Beef Strips w/ Sugar Snap Peas. To that I say “YES”.

Thank you internet (and StarkRecipes) for planning dinner tonight.

Weekly Menu 10/2-10/15


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It’s a short week for the Family Morgan!  So, the menu doesn’t contain much execpt that I went ahead a planned for next week too.

Sunday, 10/2 – L/O – Whatever was in the fridge we ate

Monday, 10/3 – Tomato-Basil Ravioli (onions/green pepper/mushrooms/baby spinach/Philly Cooking Creme)

Tuesday, 10/4 – Cube Steaks w/ broccoli and asparagus

Wednesday, 10/5 – Fend for Yourself
(AM-Clean H&M)(JM-Group)(MM-M&L)

Thursday, 10/6 – Travel to North Carolina
(Breakfast – Airport) (Lunch – on the road to Greensboro) (Dinner – Cookout)

Friday, 10/7 – NC
(Breakfast – Hotel) (Lunch – out) (Dinner – Rehearsal Dinner)

Saturday, 10/8 – NC
(Breakfast – Hotel) (Lunch – out) (Dinner – Wedding)

Sunday, 10/9 – Travel to Birmingham
(Breakfast – Hotel) (Lunch – Airport) (Dinner – out)

Monday, 10/10 – Lemon-Broccoli Rice with Chicken
I can’t seem to get the link to attach itself: http://w3.kraftbrands.com/philly/recipes/Pages/Recipe-Detail.aspx?recipeId=121724#category=820&subcategory=16202

Tuesday, 10/11 – Pork Chops

Wednesday, 10/12 – Fend for Yourself (prep Thursday dinner)
(AM-Clean H&M)(JM-Group)(MM-M&L)

Thursday, 10/13 – Meatloaf?

Friday, 10/14 – Breakfast Supper (repeat) – Eggs, Bacon and Orange Breakfast Delight
(Shelley @ stockpilingmoms.com)
–We are FINALLY going to make this meal!–

Saturday, 10/15 – Auburn?
–We talked about maybe going to Auburn for the game but after traveling last weekend and it being a night game… who knows…–
**NOT going to Auburn for the game. It’s a night game, so maybe we will have some people over**

TTFN :0)

Weekly Menu 9/18-9/24


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This week’s menu was pretty easy to put together.  We skipped a few meal makings last week thanks to our neighbor who dropped off a HUGE helping of Chicken and Rice! (Thanks, Mr. Mike!)  Plus, Jarrod and I will be out of town for a portion of the week, so, that helps, too.

Sunday, 9/18 – Breakfast Supper (repeat) – Eggs, Bacon and Orange Breakfast Delight
(Shelley @ stockpilingmoms.com)
–We didn’t make it to the grocery store like we usually do, so we just improvised dinner last Sunday. Hence the repeat–

Monday, 9/19 – Crockpot (repeat) – Rotisserie Style Chicken
(Laurie @ passionatepennypincher.com)
–We had one of last weeks meals pushed into Thursday, 9/15. Hence the repeat–

Tuesday, 9/20 – Beef and Broccoli (broccoli bunches $2)
(Amanda @ afewshorcuts.com)

Wednesday, 9/21 – Fend for Yourself
(AM-Clean H&M)(JM-San Diego)(MM-M&L)

Thursday, 9/22 – Leftovers
(JM-San Diego)

Friday, 9/23 – Bates House of Turkey
(AM-Pensacola)(JM-San Diego)

Saturday, 9/24 – Fend for Yourself

Not bad… 2 weeks and counting!  TTFN!